Rotary regenerative thermal oxidizer (RRTO)
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Rotary regenerative thermal oxidizer (RRTO)

Brand Baina

Product origin Jiangsu Yixing, China

Delivery time 8 weeks

Supply capacity 10 sets/month

1. Suitbale for treating VOCs with mas volume and low concentration.
2. Safe and stable operation and low energy consumption,RRTO occupy area is small。
3. High removal efficiency, no less than 99%.

Rotary regenerative thermal oxidizer (RRTO)

1. Working principle

   Use one rotation valve to replace switch valves (inlet, outlet and backflush) of tanks, thus R-RTO works with much higher removal efficiency, lower energy consumption and higher safety than T-RTO. When RTO working the first groups/cabins filled with ceramic that have absorbed heat, is used to preheat waste gas so that the temperature of waste gas could be reach to 650~750°C while which come into combustion chamber, so the waste gas can be easily heated to 750~850°C with little or without auxiliary fuel. After combustion the hot exhaust goes into 2nd groups/cabins and transmits heat to ceramic, and the temperature of ceramic goes up while exhaust`s temperature cooled down and directly emission into atmosphere.

2. Application

   (1) RTO is suitable for low concentration and high volume of VOCs.

   (2) RTO can deal with the VOCs contained halogen, sulfur etc. If so, the corrosion resistance material need to be considered and the flue gas need to be washed before emission.

   (3) If the VOCs concentration is high, partial heat recovery shall be considered after the VOCs are oxidized, heat recovery method: Steam, hot water, hot conduction oil and hot air etc.

   (4) The following information is required for consultation: volume, temperature, pressure, composition, corresponding concentration of each component.

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How to determine VOCs treatment process
Depending on the Volume, composition, and concentration of the VOCs,if the volume is small (normally less than 10000Nm3/h) and concentration is high(Calorific value is more than 1000Kcal/Nm3), then the first choice is thermal oxidizer(TO). If the volume is large(more than 5000m3/h) and concentration is small (normally less than 5000mg/m3),then regenerative thermal oxidizer will be considered. If t...more
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