Catalyst oxidizer (CO)
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Catalyst oxidizer (CO)

Brand Baina

Product origin Jiangsu Yixing, China

Delivery time 8 weeks

Supply capacity 10 sets/month

1. Suitable for the treatment of organic waste gas with small air volume and a certain concentration.
2. The VOCs shall not contain elements such as halogen, sulfur and phosphorus.

Catalyst oxidizer (CO)

1. Working principle

   The VOCs is preheated by the heat exchanger, before VOCs goes into the catalytic reaction chamber, whose temperature is controlled at 280-350   ℃ by electrically heater. Under the action of the catalyst, the VOCs is oxidized and decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, and then the high-temperature flue gas is cooled by the heat exchanger and emission into the atmosphere.

2. Application

  (1) The composition of VOCs can not be complex, can not contain halogen, sulfur, phosphorus and dust.

  (2) Concentration of VOCs can not be high, in other words the thermal insulation temperature rise must be  less than 300°C.

  (3) Heat recovery method: Steam, hot water, hot conduction oil and hot air.

  (4) The following information should be provided while consulting: volume, temperature, pressure, composition, concentration of each component.

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How to determine VOCs treatment process
Depending on the Volume, composition, and concentration of the VOCs,if the volume is small (normally less than 10000Nm3/h) and concentration is high(Calorific value is more than 1000Kcal/Nm3), then the first choice is thermal oxidizer(TO). If the volume is large(more than 5000m3/h) and concentration is small (normally less than 5000mg/m3),then regenerative thermal oxidizer will be considered. If t...more
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