Thermal oxidizer (TO)
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Thermal oxidizer (TO)

1. Suitable for treating liquid with high concentration orgnic waste liquid;
2. Removal efficiency is no less than 99.99%;
3. Heat can be recovered (steam, hot water, hot air, Heat transfer oil).

Thermal oxidizer (TO)

1. Working principle

The organic waste liquid is directly atomized through the compressed air/steam and sprayed into the combustion chamber, burned under 850~ 1100°C with the auxiliary fuel diesel or natural gasas the everlasting flame and auxiliary combustion. After combustion hot exhaust is emission out after heat reused.

According to the components contained in the waste liquid, determine whether the system needs to be equipped with processes such as denitration(SNCR, SCR),  dust removal and acid removal etc.

Heat recovery methods include steam, heat conducting oil, hot water, hot air, etc.

2. Application

(1) Waste liquid should be organic wast liquid, otherwise washing tower and other functional equipment would be added to this system to remove acid factor and dust particales.

(2) If waste liquid contains organic nitrogen, SNCR/SCR system will be added.

(3) Heat recovery method: Steam, hot water, hot conduction oil and hot air.

(4) The following information should be provided while consulting: volume of waste liquid, composition and corresponding proportion.

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How to determine VOCs treatment process
Depending on the Volume, composition, and concentration of the VOCs,if the volume is small (normally less than 10000Nm3/h) and concentration is high(Calorific value is more than 1000Kcal/Nm3), then the first choice is thermal oxidizer(TO). If the volume is large(more than 5000m3/h) and concentration is small (normally less than 5000mg/m3),then regenerative thermal oxidizer will be considered. If t...more
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